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CCI Electrical Services provides turnkey electrical and telecommunications services with a diverse array of specialty capabilities to accomplish the challenging needs of our customers.


The CCIES alliance of company resources ranges from heavy civil construction in support of electrical and telecommunications infrastructure to technical applications that are an integral part of project completion and delivery to our clients.
The CCIES team has over 30 years of fiber optic, copper, and telecommunication experience. This experience ranges from metropolitan fiber networks to long haul overhead and underground installations, as well as electrical power, AC/DC backup systems, and central office infrastructure. We are experts in design-build cellular and 5G small cell technology, tower erection, microwave, spread-spectrum RF and other telecommunication related technologies.


Design–Build Experts

The CCIES team strives to meet and exceed the schedule and budget goals of every project we take on for our clients.
Paul Lantz, General Manager
CCIES can provide a wide range of services including program and project management, design, QA/QC, trenching, directional boring, macro/micro-duct and fiber blowing, aerial pole replacement and all overhead infrastructure. We perform splicing, testing, documentation, client training, manufacturing of fiber optic and telecommunication related products, and construction and preventive maintenance, including NFPA 70E compliance solutions for electrical systems.

Years Telecommunication Experience

CCIES is a technology-based company, utilizing state of the art equipment, product line, and procedures to meet the urgent needs of our clients now and into the future.


Design-Build 5G Experience in Alaska & Hawaii
CCIES has extensive design build experience in 5G small build technology in Alaska and Hawaii. Our projects have full turnkey performance from design build hub in the local utility central office to nodes on light poles, wooden telephone poles, and power structures with fiber front haul. Past performance ranges from power and light pole audits and telecom front haul source to site acquisition. Our team has been working on ground floor design build metropolitan deployment for the past 3 years in Hawaii and Alaska. The CCIES team has a strong background in building new site mono pole, lattice, and stealth towers.

Outside Plant

Building OSP infrastructure utilizing the latest technology and the highest safety standards in aerial and underground construction

Our team is fully trained in every aspect of Project Management, directional drilling, trenching, and plowing.

Electrical Services

Full-Service Solutions
CCIES provides full service electrical capability with AC/DC Central Office and Remote CO infrastructure. Battery maintenance, system auditing, remote power, and redundant backup.

Fiber Splicing, Testing & Documentation

State-of-the-Art Testing & Technology
CCIES uses the latest equipment and technology, with experienced technicians trained and certified in outside plant, inside plant/CO distribution. Testing and documentation using OTDR and attenuation testing equipment assures the best possible results and information to document network facilities.

Micro-Fiber Technology

Micro-Trenching Capabilities
With the growing need for expansion in limited right of way areas, this technology has become a widely used solution.


World-Class Electrical Infrastructure Construction Services

The construction team at CCIES has decades of airfield, highway, rail, and harbor electrical construction experience performed for a wide range of public, military, and private customers. Our construction and maintenance capabilities help keep critical transportation and defense infrastructure operating safely and efficiently in the markets we serve.


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